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Whiplash is an American thrash metal/speed metal band. The band was founded in 1984 in Passaic, New Jersey by the three Tonys: Tony Portaro (vocals, guitar), Tony Scaglione (drums) and Tony Bono (bass).

Joe Cangelosi replaced Tony Scaglione in 1986 when he left for a small stint with Slayer. Joe Cangelosi recorded Ticket to Mayhem in 1987 with the two Tonys. Joe Cangelosi also joined German metal band Kreator in 1994 and recorded Cause for Conflict in 1995. In 1989 Glenn Hansen joined the band as the new singer along with Joe from the pevious album. They were part of the album titled Insult to Injury as well. The band split up, but reunited in 1996 for two further albums before the three Tonys recorded a final album together in 1998.

Bassist Tony Bono died in 2002 after suffering a heart attack, at the age of 38.

The band recently reformed and is in the final stages of recording Unborn Again, due for release in July 2009.

Tracklisting :
- Spit on your grave
- Powerthrashing death
- Red bomb
- Last nail in your coffin
- Message in blood
- Cyanide grenade
- Warmonger
- Nailed to the cross
- Stage dive

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